The Need for Transformation is a sincere and encouraging spiritual handbook that helps followers to keep focused on the transformative influence and presence of God in their lives-if only they are open to him and turn to his direction. This transformation allows for Christian followers to think more effectively in their walk with God and as Brides of Christ. The result of thinking like Him is a unique mindset found in the Bride of Christ. The Brides of Christ are followers that have a much deeper personal relationship with Him when seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven and its righteousness. The 21st-Century Virgins are followers who are saved but have not established a forever love personal intimate relationship with Christ through seeking the Kingdom of Heaven and have not come to know their purpose in him. This process increases their capability to live an abundant life as men and women in the Body of Christ. The church is faced with the challenge of developing and implementing programs into its weekly routine that not only attract nonbelievers but also teach current believers to realize how important it is to seek the Kingdom of God and its righteousness and the need for transformation as it relates to discovering their purpose.


Dr. Phillips a native New Yorker, a grandmother of four, a mother of eight children. Her academic studies to date include a BSN from Liberty University (January 2011); a certificate from Kaplan University as a Legal Nurse Consultant (February 2010) a MSN from Walden University (November 2013) DNP from Walden University (November 2015). Sharing personal stories and turning to the Word for lessons and examples, the author invites reader to shift their mindsets and become dedicated to Christ as his bride, increasing a forever-intimate personal relationship with their groom. This is the place were we as followers, over a cup of coffee can have a a conversation with God rather than having a conversation that moves toward Him. This is a meeting place where followers can uncover their true identity by seeing who they are in His eyes. The focus of this conversation among the followers is based on the quality of the relationship and not the quantity of it. Inasmuch,suggesting to God a long wish list of things with a level of entitlement.  



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